In response to today’s daily post challenge : Sacrifice

She had just come back from school. And it had been the worst day ever. She probably sensed that the day was going to be a horrible one, even in her sleep. Because the day had started turning bad since her mother woke her up from a beautiful dream. In the dream she was on a long vacation, and all her friends had holidays too. They were all playing langdi and hide and seek and cricket and what not. And the day was just perfect for endless play. It wasn’t raining and nor was it too hot. Just perfect. But it wasn’t perfect. She realised that when she heard her mother yelling at her to get up finally. It had just been five minutes since she closed her eyes. Or had it been five hours? She couldn’t tell, but it surely felt like she had closed her eyes just moments ago. And there was her mother, badgering her to open them again so soon. Why did she have to open them? She didn’t want to go to school. She didn’t want to hear her teachers rambling on about numbers and grammar and other things that she had already forgotten. She didn’t want to hear her classmates rambling about the latest TV serials and Bollywood movies. She didn’t want any of that. Why didn’t her mother understand that? She just wanted to sleep. Keep her eyes shut for another ten minutes. Stay unaware of the actual day ahead of her. Remain within the castle of her dreams.

But, she woke up. She knew she had to sacrifice that to keep her mother happy.


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