This is one of the scenarios that would really scare me, and make me wonder, what has the world come to??

Dear Parents

We would first like to congratulate you on the performance of your ward. Having said that, we would like to remind you that it it is once again the time of the year; the final declaration of your child’s result for the year; where you get to decide the fate of your child. Hence, we request that you start sending your bids for your child’s academic rank in class.

We appreciate your interest in the student’s future and hence give you the
opportunity to secure it through your donations. Also, we want to specify that any donations below Rs. ___ might result in the failure of the student, as is the tradition since the past years.

A change in this year’s pattern is that you can bid for individual subjects, and the child of the highest bidder will be declared for first position in that respective subject. Please note that these students appear for a total of eight subjects. An additional donation of Rs. __ will be required for recommendations from the school for the higher education of your ward.

We once again remind you that there is a cut-off limit; directly affecting your child’s performance. If unable to satisfy the school’s standards, we advise you to enrol your child’s name in a school that you can afford.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Chief Executive Officer, Education
_______ School


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